He began to kick my head over and over. At first I kept yelling trying to get up, I felt my death was very near. He kept kicking my head yelling things I can’t remember. I had enough time to think how to get him to stop. I stopped my breathing. I took very shallow breaths of air so my chest and back would not rise. I remained still and when he picked up my arm I let it drop as if I was dead. He stood over me because I could hear his breathing. Then I heard him walk away. I remained as I was trying to appear, dead. I heard his car start up then he drove away. I still laid on the desert ground waiting.

I finally got up and blood poured from my head and drenched my shirt. I was able to walk to four way stop intersection. Then four young men stopped asked me if I needed help. I said no thank you. One got out and said let us take you to the hospital. I told them I didn’t want to bleed all over their truck. They said don’t worry about that.

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