Why the fuck are you over here!?” He yelled. I don’t recall what I said because it wouldn’t have mattered. He grabbed me by my arm yanking me closer to him and the with his closed fist he punched me under my eye and downwards towards my mouth.

I was so upset as I watched my front tooth fly out of my mouth! I couldn’t believe this! I said, “ you just cut me under my eye and knocked my tooth out! His reaction was typical. Typical because he rarely expressed any emotions except rage. I got out of the truck to run back to the gas station to call police. He was so use to me doing this he drove off. Now I had no idea how to get back . I started walking. I really didn’t care.

Not long after I started walking he pulled up next to me and yelled for me to get in! What other choice did I have? I had no clue where I was walking to. So I got in. I cried most of the way back to his parents home.

I didn’t get to replace my front tooth for years.

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