I found a small tape recorder fastened under a lower closet in the hallway of the apartment. I can’t think of why I had bent down so low and caught sight of it.

I pulled the recorder from under the closet. I stood examining it in mistrust. I thought, why would it be taped and hidden like this? Did #2 really tape it here? What’s recorded on it?

I chose to push the play button to listen. My high school girlfriend and her kids were living with us temporarily so I revealed this to her. I clarified how I found it. I didn’t recognize what it was until I tugged it from the wall area. As soon as I held it in my hand, I noticed it. My friend was in the living room. I shouted to her, “look at what I found taped under the closet!” “She gazed at it a few seconds with an expression on her face of skepticism. I told her, “#2 is such a fucking piece of shit!” “He has been recording me when he leaves!”

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