Oh yes I fought back the best I could at first. The beatings became more violent whenever I’d hit back to defend myself. So I found myself docile, I’d let him abuse me over and over just laying there while he hurt me in hopes he would tire from me not fighting back. No such luck. It continued and I eventually learned how to separate myself from my body. This seemed to help. I remember actually looking at myself while he beat me. I mean looking at my body from a short distance from the situation.

Back in the mid 80’s domestic violence really had no name no punishment, meant nothing to the cops.

I would call, or neighbors called police they would show up. At times I would lie and say we were arguing loudly, I’m fine. I’d said this so many times with bruises, scratches, on my face and neck, blood from my nose or mouth; yet they never arrested him. In my opinion based on my knowledge of narcissism and physical abuse, Domestic Violence began to show its ugly head for society from OJ Simpson’s situation. Trust me I say that with complete disregard to him having been innocent in any way. My thoughts because most of us realize what money can buy if your a wife beater/killer.

I’ve called from a motel telling 911 he was beating me. I’d leave and walked from hotel with him following. Only to be treated like I was a criminal, thrown up against chain link fence face forward. The cops handcuffing me and Husband #1 talking with us separately. I told the truth but I know in my Husband #1 did not. This was him, to blame everyone and everything for his problems

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