We were told there would be random drug tests. There was and neither one of us failed the test. Then we were sent to mediation.  To talk about the best interest of our son. Everything that Husband #2 ever did to me obviously didn’t matter. Because nothing changed except we both had supervised visitation.


The last custody hearing I was never served papers regarding it. So when I filed another hearing I was asked why I missed the prior hearing that granted Husband #2 custody of our son.. I wanted to know why I lost custody! They said that’s why. I argued I never received it but it was useless. When I say this justice system on any level is fucked, it’s because it is! I lost my son. Who had been taken from me when he was about 2 months old and in and out of court for years.

My heart hurt so much there are no words on this earth sufient to convey the depth of my heartache.

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