The familiar heavy feeling I’d get when I feared Husband #2’s uncertainty in his moods.

Which was about a daily issue. I drove back to the HELL I called home. We lived at his parents. I went into the house, down a hall towards the room we lived in. I opened the door saw my daughter sitting on the floor watching TV. I looked up because I could feel his hot breath on my forehead.

He grabbed me by my neck and pulled me to the closet. He slid the door open then directly pulled out a sandwich bag full of what appeared to be aspirin. Although he accused me of being a pill addict as he swung my body onto the bed. I screamed at him that he knew those were not mine and they look like aspirin! He yelled for his father to come. Of course after he asked his dad what are these, holding up the bag. His father said she appears to have a pill problem.

Thus his beating on me began.

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