Why the fuck are you over here!?” He yelled. I don’t recollect what I mumbled because it wouldn’t have amounted to something. Then Husband #2 snatched me by my arm, jerking me nearer to him. With his closed fist, he punched me under my eye and my mouth. I was so hysterical as I gazed at my front tooth fly out of my mouth! I couldn’t acknowledge this! I said, “ You just cut me under my eye and smashed my tooth out! He didn’t care. I got out of the truck to run back to the gas station to call the police. He drove off. Now I did not indicate how to get around. I began walking. I didn’t care.

Not long after I commenced to walking. He pulled up next to me and shouted for me to get in! What other option did I have? I had no solution as to where I was roaming to. So I got in. I sobbed most of the way back to his parent’s home.

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