Husband#2 was assumed to have brought our son to me for my visitation time with him. Heeding the moment I opened the front door and glared at his face, I knew he was about to beat me. Instantly I watched his brown eyes turn dark black while glaring through me. I inquired where our son was and why is he not here? I observed his facial muscles tightening and I could feel my impending doom engulf my soul. He lunged towards my head and snatched the side of my hair. He drug me by my hair to his car, shoving me into it. I had been shrieking for the person I shared this home with for help, yet no one came. Still clutching my hair, he started the vehicle, then slammed my head against the steering wheel a few times. He loudly said, “get out of her, SATAN!” Each time he smashed my head onto the wheel.

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