I still recall the day when I detached my existence one more time. This juncture came at the expense of my daughter. She was five years old. We were driving to a friend’s house. I’d been struggling to unravel what I felt was occurring to her, us. I communicated with her about Husband #2 not being a decent person. That’s why he was in jail at that time. I asked her if he ever harmed her like he mistreated mommy. She said he had. He showed me his thing. I wondered what thing, and she pointed between her legs. I quickly assured her I would not let him ever hurt her again. I think I knew what her answer would be. I didn’t handle life well after this. The severe anguish for my little girl swallowed me immediately. I commenced my road into the abysses that hell could deliver. I speculated I had it coming, all the horrible for not being there for her.

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