I remember a lot, do you? What have you told your son? Have you told him anything? Did you tell him nothing happened? Did you say or worse, think you were innocent? Did you tell him I was brainwashed? Did you ever feel any sympathy? Well, let me tell you what I do remember.
I remember you and my mom living in those shitty apartments. One day we were leaving, and you pulled the car up.
My mom was huge and pregnant with your son. As she was trying to get into the car, you kept driving slowly, not letting her sit in the car. Finally, my mom stopped and walked to the car’s front passenger side. You were at a complete stop. I remember her telling you, “It’s not funny.” she held her pregnant belly. Then you sped up the car on her feet as she cried and yelled, please stop, get off my feet.
You made sure you had the car parked on her feet for a good minute, and I listened to her cry and scream. You finally backed up off her feet.

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