I visited my son at Husband #2 parents’ home. As I walked through the front door, I passed a woman I had never met. Entering the front door to get my son and I immediately could see Husband#2 coming up the hall to the living room where I was. He was yelling to the woman I walked by at the front door, “Hurry up!” She came running up behind Husband#2. She gave him some mace. Husband#2 threatened to spray mace on me if I didn’t leave. I kept looking for my son. I couldn’t find him in the house, and after the second time Husband #2 threatened me, he sprayed me in my face, I mean all over my face.

Unless you have gone through being maced, you won’t completely understand what it does. Instantly my eyes started burning. My vision was blurring. The skin on my face and neck felt like it was on fire. Burning pain that only became worse and more consistent. I was having trouble breathing. So I walked towards the front door to leave, and I went. During the summer months, the desert temperature mid-afternoon was at least 115. Now, this became a catalyst for pepper spray. The swelling and redness around my eyes kept its climb in intensity from the heat of this day. The burning and breathing troubles were of the same effect.

I found a payphone again calling 911. Due to this woman, she falsified a report to the police that I broke in and tried pepper-spraying them. Husband#2 was not arrested.

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