Life Still Happens

I realize my life is very crazy with health issues and my immediate family.
It’s just as sudden for me as well as for my new job.
The past few months
My mom had a TIA, found a spot on her brain after CT, she’s falling prior to this.
My Dad just let me know a couple of days ago he’s going in for a TURP. His prostate has been an issue I just learned about.
My younger sister is anorexic from her alcoholism. I hadn’t spoke or seen her in years until recently, her appearance brought tears to my eyes. She’s in rehab at this moment.
My daughter fell down her stairs. Her leg has been healing good.
Now she has a spot on her uterus. She’s going in for biopsy in two weeks.
I have been dealing with all this.
My other sister here is helping me with my parents and doctors appointments.
I just need rest. I’ve been overwhelmed with running my parents around etc..

I’ve been having horrible nightmares that my husband wakes me from. I’m usually screaming out loud and appear to be kicking and fighting something.

I woke yesterday morning in a complete panic attack. Dealt with that for half of the day.

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