Life’s Transitioning when its your parents

I have robbed my parents of raising a decent child. This went on through my premature adulthood. I did not recognize how my prosecutions and aftermaths affected my parents and siblings throughout the numerous years I wasn’t existing. I define living in a sense as being late for holiday gatherings, is pleaded to borrow money, never really asking, meaning “How are you.” I rolled through life. So for my simple questions to my family, I never heard their replies. I had my insensitive agenda. Performing as if I had some normality or empathy, I became good. I thought that’s how the world was. Now my parents are in their 80’s. Both are having health issues. All I can think is how much life I missed. Regrets, that’s what I have regretted. I CAN NEVER CHANGE MY PAST. Not do I want to. I only have it now. And I try to make every moment matter. Yes, it’s difficult, and I fail more than I wish.

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