Yes this is me, I’ve lived & I’m living on both sides of the fence. I can’t determine which side is eviler. When your immediate relative s are so dysfunctional there’s no one but myself making an effort to support her but from a distance. One issue lately has risen its ugly head. This would be my sister. Now I’m the one sober and she is full blown in alcoholism. I see her VICTIM paths, the blaming everyone for all her misery, accepting no accountability for her own actions. She is physically malnourished, mentally unstable. A doctor recently diagnosed her with alcoholic dementia. Wet brain, if you will. I’ve made several endeavors to suggest advice, take her to the doctor, leave her alcoholic husband ( as she repeatedly will say),. Just as I believe I may be making improvement with her…it abruptly turns into being my fault. I made the oversight of divulging to my daughter she consented to let me take her to the doctor. My daughter decided to inform my niece, who then brought to light to her mother. You would assume that this is nothing. Not with my family, my sister called me drunk all night while I was at work and left an unbearable message today. So unfortunately I understand what I must to do which is back off and let her go. This hurts a lot but I’m obviously not the answer.

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