The Disbelief

Parts of the chapters before nonetheless must be purged. We were living in an apartment that didn’t last long. We had some furniture. Some glass top-end tables, a charming kid-size bed for my little girl. I decorated her room with numerous stuffed animals that posed in a net attached to the corner ceiling. Coloring books and crayons that my daughter and I would delight in together for hours. Husband #2 usually remained gone most of the day. He delivered the story he was working on with his parents. I’m certain I didn’t accept this but I didn’t care. On this day Husband #2 left us at home. A few hours after he had left I heard knocking at the door. No one came to visit us ever, so I was stunned. I opened the door to recognize it was the couple that lived next door. They got to the significance of their visit quickly and were unsettled. My disgusting and sick Husband #2 had gone to them to raise a question if they were interested in group sex. My heart sank deep into my chest. I felt the humiliation swallow me. Against my soul one more time. I found the courage to apologize to them for what he did. They just wished for me to learn. When I stood up to him all he did was laugh at me.


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