A Night at the ER

I did not have to wait long to be seen at the ER. It appeared the doctors and the nurses were stunned as everyone else. My adrenaline must have calmed because I began to feel pain. The nurse was explaining as she scrubbed the wound on my head; what she was doing. The device the nurse used to scrub my wound was simular to steel wool. I was told the gravel and dirt needed to be cleaned out first. Then the doctor came in to access my wound. I closed my eyes bracing for the worst. I pictured in my head what this staple apparatus would look like. I don’t know to this day because I chose not to add to the unknown pain I was about to endure. I will say if my head were sheets of paper being stapled together, this is what it sounded like. The pain was intense upon every staple he put into my head. Nine staples in total to close the wound on my head.

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