The Depth of Dysfunctional

Unfortunately, I’m incapable to think back to why, or shall I say what was the justification. The first motive Husband #2 battered me & raped me this time. All I understand and hold emotionally to this instant is how my little girl was thrust to observe this horrendous time. Whatever the rationale in his disgusted mind doesn’t concern. Suddenly he jerked me up from the kitchen table by my arm. I attempted to tug myself back from him but couldn’t. I resisted him the whole way thru the living room, down the hall to a bedroom. I figured out what was arriving. I learned he was about to physically beat me. I had realized conducts in these familiar conditions. I moderately could calculate what type of pounding I was about to obtain with his level of wrath. When we reached the bedroom he hurled my body so forcefully I had no control over which way I came down. I figured out then this will be destructive. He shoved me onto the bed and sat on top of me as I tried to dodge his punches to my face & head. The entire time he shouted and cursed at me. He called me the “usual” names like whore, c@!t, bitch all the while attempting to punch me in my face. Yes, he always succeeded in bruising my face & body. I did try for a while to fight back; it only made him more of a VERY DISTURBED HUMAN! Why his parents could BRING my little girl to see him hurt me, I will never comprehend. I recall his mother advising my daughter as she forced her head to observe: this is why you don’t talk back to your husband. This is why your mom has it coming. I flipped out so poorly, that I shrieked you fucking bitch take my daughter out of here! You’re a sick bitch!!! I think the only logic she did was due to Husband #2 tearing my clothes off and raping me. This was not just a husband having sex with his wife. It was completely against my will & I cried out the entire time, especially when he said nauseous things like I’m tired of your p()$y, and forced me onto my stomach and penetrated my rectum.

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