I read that I have to HEEL Heel so I can HEAR what is being said without the filter of my wound. Sad But True; compliments to this Metallica song. Why this damage continues to fester in my wound…I can not say. Yesterday during a conversation with my husband I began to cry some. My eyes tingled from the tears collectively sliding down my checks. My husband understand immediately why. I’m grateful to share a life with him. I said to him I found it difficult to believe our convo of rare cars throughout our lives became so inexplicably ugly. My trauma pulled me deep into a past moment with Husband #2. I had NO previous thoughts of him this day, until then. I seem to have no choice as to where, what, who my brain throws my way. I held back my crying as much as I was able. I shared that Husband #2 use to take the COIL wire out of my engine to prevent me from leaving. This is what it can be like.

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