On January 11, 1993 Husband#2 was finally sentenced in court. PC273.5(a) in California is the code for FELONY SPOUSAL ABUSE. Somehow Husband#2 weaseled his way out of a felony. His prior probation officer suggested to the judge the following: It is therefore respectfully recommended pronouncement of judgment be withheld for the offense of Spousal Abuse, in violation of Section 273.5(a) of the Penal Code, a Felony, and the defendant, HUSBAND#2 be granted supervised probation for a period of three years under the following terms and conditions; serve 90 days in county jail with credit for time served. It goes on and on. It was not a amazement to me because he had been set free countless other stints following his abuse of me. I was already defeated by that life. So he kicked me in my head at least 10 times as I lay on the desert floor. Smashing my head and face while holding my hair several times was not a serious crime. That night he left me out in the dark desert and drove away. I was able to make it back to a road where some kind of people helped me. My shirt was soaked in blood that continued to come from the wound on my head. I had 9 staples put in my head. The police found in at his parents home sleeping. Initially the charge was Attempted Murder.

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